Visualize Your Next Running Challenge

The Neurun app takes you through guided previews of courses for you to visit, run, and earn rewards, whether it's for a race or a local course challenge set up for you to complete at any time.
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Visualizing The Course

Our guided previews take you through a course like a story, enabling you to explore the ins and outs of the path, layered with clickable insights from local coaches.

Taking the time to mentally walk through the course before you step up to the start line can help you decide which course is best for you and provide you with more confidence and ability to overcome any challenging elements along the way.

Some main app features include:
  • Smooth HD footage of roads and trails to quickly scroll through.
  • Clickable course prep notes from coaches.
  • Elevation & distance data + general course info.
  • Note section for last minute prep before going out to run the course.  

How it Works

Register for a Race or a
Local Course Challenge

A running organization or running club may host in-person races or local course challenges. For the local course challenges, local outdoor courses are set up for you to visit and run at any time. Challenge details will vary by the host organization or club.

Download the App and See the Course

Visually familiarize yourself with the ins and outs of the course you want to run, and read through the course notes. These notes are prepared by local coaches to provide you with course-specific running tips, strategies, and landmarks to check out.

Submit Results and
Earn Rewards (Coming Soon)

You will be able to submit your GPS data from your favorite tracking app or smart watch and have your GPS results verified each time you complete a course. Rewards and prizes will also vary by the host running organization, running club, or any participating Neurun partner brands.
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Races and Challenges

Adidas Runners
Monthly challenge details in select US cities coming soon.
Coming Soon
Grandmaster Ultras

Welcome to the warm and sunny Arizona strip for an ultrarunning event! Event options include a 50K, 100K, 50M, and 100M and is exclusively for runners 50+ year old. Come and enjoy miles of trail running on ATV trails and beautiful scenery in the desert this February 5th-7th, 2021!  
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The Richmond Marathon

We’re so excited to offer you the chance to run on an official course no matter which distance you choose. Race day will look different this fall, we still want to provide you a unique and fun experience! Run your Richmond Marathon, Richmond Half Marathon, or Allianz Partners 8k at Dorey Park, the official race course, from Saturday, November 7 – Sunday November 22, 2020, or virtually on your own anytime in the month of November.

While we work to make every part of your experience memorable, we know the part of your journey that matters the most is the moment you cross the finish line. That finish line feeling is the culmination of months of hard work and dedication – and that’s all you. We have the course, we have the finish line, all we need is you. Let’s run Richmond! #RunRichmond #RichmondReady
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