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Rethink what's possible 

Your body achieves what your mind believes


Neurun takes the worry out of your race day and helps you achieve your goals through mental preparation.


We want you to be mentally ready for any distance challenge you decide to take on. With Neurun, you are able to visualize your course, receive expert guidance from sport psychologists and race coaches, and connect with others who share similar challenges and goals. 


  • Find your event and scroll through the course video to visualize important parts of the race. 
  • Learn new sport psychology techniques.
  • Add personalized notes throughout the video for things you want to remember come race day. 
  • Join a pace group or one of the race event's training groups to ask questions and share any key insights with fellow participants. 

Our Team

We've set out to create a future where people are empowered to step outside and explore what a unified mind and body can accomplish. With your help, we can create the best tools to make this future a reality.


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