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Rethink what's possible 

Your body achieves what your mind believes


Neurun is a platform designed to mentally prepare runners and other distance athletes for race day challenges.


When training for a distance event, evaluating how you perform physically is only one part of the equation. Neurun provides you with the visualization tools needed to strengthen your mind alongside your body. 



Find your race,
learn about the event,
and prepare with others in your pace group.

Neurun's explore feature allows you to search for races in your area as well as races all over the world. Prepare early by reading descriptions and overviews of the event and its courses, preview the race route, and engage with your race-specific pace group, race coaches, and sport psychologists.


Visualize the route from your phone, view waypoints and ammenities, and make your own notes about the course.  

Neurun’s route preview allows you to mentally rehearse your strategy from wherever you are, make notes about route features, and see where other's in your pace group are commenting along the course.


Our Team

 From left to right: Sunny Su, Lead Design Strategist; Ben Markoch, Lead Visual Designer; Cade Netscher, Founder and CEO, Stephanie Rodriguez, Chief Marketing Strategist; Noah Pritt, CTO

We've set out to create a future where people are empowered to step outside and explore what a unified mind and body can accomplish. With your help, we can create the best tools to make this future a reality.


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