Koala Bottle S.C. Trail Run Series

The Koala Bottle S.C. Trail Run Series is here and ready to take you across the beautiful state of South Carolina, into the mountains, the midlands, and the coast! We have joined forces with Neurun to bring you an Open Race Format. Rather than running one of our races on the same date with everyone else, you will have a multi-week participation window to run the course at any time and submit your GPS data.

Entry into a Koala Bottle Open Race Trail Run comes with a participation medallion, a race t-shirt, and eligibility for awards. These items will be distributed to all participants after the race has finished.

Check out the Koala Bottle S.C. Trail Run Series website to learn more about the overall race series experience!

Participation Dates for Open Race Format:

Harbison State Forest Half Marathon: Sept. 25th - Nov. 22nd

Table Rock State Park 5K & 15K: TBD

Huntington Beach State Park 5K & 15K: TBD

Cheyenne Mountain State Park (in Colorado): TBD



1.  Register for your Koala Bottle Race
Please register BEFORE participating (link below). Only submitted results with a timestamp from a GPS device after your registration time/date and within the event participation window will be counted.

2. Download the Neurun app to see the course
Search for the Koala Bottle Trail Series, select your race, and scroll through the course video tour, layered with clickable course prep notes from the Koala Bottle Team. The app also has a note section for you to quickly review all the notes for each course.

Note 1: If you have any app troubles, please email us at neurunsupport@neurun.com so we can help! 

Note 2: The GPS routes are available to view and download from Garmin Connect below. If you access the link from a computer, you can click on the 3 dotted button next to the gray share button to download the GPX and FIT route files (these files are compatible to upload to most GPS watches).

3. Track your run
Use any GPS running app or GPS watch to track your run out on the racecourse.
Here are some recommendations: Strava, Garmin Connect, Adidas Running, Nike Run Club, Runkeeper, MapMyRun
You will need to record:

a. A screenshot of your total run time, total distance, and GPS route completed.
b. A picture of yourself at the start/finish line (Note: the races start and finish at same point). 

Note: Click on "Timing Instructions" button below for all timing info.

4. Submit your results
Once you finish your race, come back here to "Timing Instructions" link below to access a form to submit your results. Please save your run data and course photos for 48 hours after you submit your results in case our team needs to contact you for any extra verification measures.

5. Follow safety guidelines and have fun! 
Remember to adhere to all of the safety guidelines outlined by the event on their waiver form.

Harbison State Forest Half Marathon
Garmin Connect Link
Table Rock State Park 15K & 5K
Coming Soon
Huntington Beach State Park 15K & 5K
Coming Soon

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