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“Last year I ran a marathon for the first time and gave up on the 36th kilometer because of health problems. That is why I felt very nervous before the race. Thanks to Neurun, I got better prepared for what was waiting for me and finally finished the marathon on Sunday in good time
— Prague Marathon Finisher
“I love this app and I watched the course a lot. Normally I will drive a course early in the morning before traffic hits to get one quick run through. This was my first time running SF Marathon and during the race I was probably the most calm I’ve ever been.”

San Francisco Marathon Finisher
“It was critical to get to know the path and what to expect on race day! During “boring” parts of the race, I remembered the tips from coaches and they really pushed me. Even living in SF and knowing the city, this virtual “run” was KEY for my preparation."
San Francisco Marathon Finisher